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Extraordinary Girl: Overview of Amber Quinnman
by Angel (firebombagent)
at March 11th, 2006 (12:44 am)

Name of character: Amber Quinnman
Date born: 02-17-1980
Age at time of film: 26
Where: London, England (born), New York (raised). Side Note: When parents died she moved back to England however went back to the United States for college.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Health: Good
Color of eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brown
Looks: The girl next door
Defects: None
Scars: None
Neat: She's not a neat freak however she normally keeps a clean place.
Hygiene: Good
Heredity: She gets her looks from her mother. Many have stated that she resembles her mother, Elizabeth, a lot. Her father was a natural brunette and had blue eyes.
Class: Working
Present Occupations: Spy/Secret Agent/Intelligence Operative
Type and hours of work: Whenever and wherever the world is in danger but normally the morning/afternoon.
Former occupations: Use to be affiliated with the CIA. She's now an operative for the MI6 underground department Sanction Five. Before being recruited into the CIA she use to work at a university owned coffee shop.
What are parents like? From what Amber can remember her mother use to read her bedtime stories every night. Amber and her mother had a very close relationship. Elizabeth (her mother) was very protective of her daughter and tried to raise her in a normal life as possible. Riley (her father) would take her horseback riding and ice skating during the summer in England. When Lucas became her legal guardian he instilled the same protectiveness and taught Amber the tricks of the trade of the espionage world so she would be able to protect herself if anything would happen to him. Elizabeth, along with Lucas, was a very loving and genuine parent. Unlike Elizabeth, Lucas has kept a many of secrets from Amber in order to make her life less complicated. Riley spent time with Amber put only as a way to buy her love and affection. Riley was more dedicated to his true passion - espionage. He had little time to help raise or nurture a child.

Living? No. They have been deceased for 19 years. Lucas is still alive.
Parents' IQ and education? Biological: Riley and Elizabeth Quinnman. Both are intelligence trained and college educated. Surrogate: Lucas Cambridge III. Intelligence trained and college educated.
Any other relatives? She has some extended relatives but she really doesn't have a close relationship nor talk with any of them. Lucas and her close friends is her source to any type of family.
What was home life like as a child? When her parents were living, Amber was basically raised by her mother with the help of nannies. The only time she spent with her father was during holiday, spring and summer vacations. Although she loved her parents she often resented them for bringing her up in the "spy life". After the death of her parents, Lucas (her then legal guardian) made an effort to keep a steady balance between raising Amber and his career. Amber was/is more close to Lucas than her own biological father and at times refers to him as "dad". Lucas developed more of a bond with the girl and raised her on his own without any outside help.
Now? Amber lives in a flat in London and tries to balance out a normal life while taking on the role of spy herself. She is currently investigating the international criminal organization The Network.
Is there a big difference? Yes, her life is more hectic and challenging now.
What is economic status? Gets paid handsomely by the government.
What is character's IQ? Above-average. She's very book smart while maintaining both her street and cultural smarts as well.
Education? Masters degree in English Literature. Intelligence trained.
Marital status? Widow however shortly develops a relationship Cain, a mercenary who serves as an outside contact.
Religion? Christian but not a practicing one.
Heritage? British-American. British = father's side. American = mother's side.
What is character's attitude and skills? Skills: Practitioner of the martial arts and other unarmed combat. Is trained in linguistics. Olympic-trained in gymnastics. Attitude: Amber's very quick, headstrong, (book/street/cultural) and humorous. At her best she's sarcastic (more positive than cynical) and spunky. She takes her job seriously however at times she tends to break the rules especially when her hatred for Simon Bane clouds her good judgment. This attitude of hers slowly changes as the comic progresses. Amber's stubbornness at times can leave her blind (esp. if Lucas, Cain, or enemies are concerned). She's not afraid to reveal her true emotions yet she has so much inner strength. She uses her emotions as a vehicle to get the job done. Amber has made it her goal to handle anything and everything that comes at her even when it feels like a spiral of obstacles.
Is she doing the thing she's best qualified for? Yes. It seems like she was destined to take on the family trade.
A leader or follower? Leader. Amber can easily take control of her surroundings and any situation at hand but she's also a team player.
Morals? She honors being one of the good guys so you would rarely see her kill even for a spy. Amber normal shoots tranquillizers darts at her enemies instead of bullets. Amber kills only when necessary. She doesn't make a habit out of it.
Emotional control: Has very good control over her emotions however at times when the obstacles may weigh too heavy for our heroine she may tend to fall apart. However her emotions and empathy may be what sets her apart from the other cold-hearted and jaded spies.
Imagination: When in the field she is very creative and improvising. She uses her surroundings and situations as her "weapon" to get the job done.
Vices: Socially drinks and swears.
What is voice like? Hmmm.... I often hear Natalie Portman, hehe.
What kind of dresser is she? She doesn't wear the black & white suit and tie like most secret agents. Her look in the office is trendy-causal yet professional. She mostly wears earthy toned colors at the office (stays away from spring/girly colors).
Favorite amusements: Practicing kickboxing and judo, collecting/reading books, listening to music, watching old French films and hanging out with her family/friends.
Athletics? Very athletic. She's trained in gymnastics, track/field and martial arts. She's been trained by the CIA excessively.
Talents? She has a photographic memory and is a skilled linguistics.
Pride? Yes. Amber is very confident in herself however she doesn't let her ego get big. Having an intimate inner circle of colleagues helps keeps her grounded and remaining norm. Even though she seems like she can take on anything at times she can even doubt herself.
Good judgment in most decisions? Yes, mostly but at times she may lose her rationale only when a love one is in harms way or something else that may cause disturbance in her life.
What is the character's biggest problem in the film and in her life before or after the film... are they the same? In the beginning, Amber's biggest problem is the death of her husband. She also deals with The Network and its leader Simon Bane. Her main objective is to destroy all active cells and then retreat back to a normal life.
What is the character like sexually? When she has time for sex.... very passionate.
What would make her laugh and cry? Laugh: Saving the day, a good joke, having a good time, beating the crap out of a bad guy. Cry: the death of a love one, failed a mission, being betrayed.
What are his favorite color, food and drink? Pale Blue. She tries to stay away from sodas. She mainly drinks water and natural juices. Her favorite coffee drink is a Vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks. Amber likes to eat healthy by eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and lean meats.
What is she like drunk? She's a silly drunk.
What is her favorite memory? Tie: Her wedding day and any memory that involves her mother/childhood.
What past event was the most painful? The death of her parents and her husband, Noah.
With whom is she most honest? Her therapist and her father, Lucas. Later in the comic she learns to open up to Matthew, Naira and Robert who she considers as close friends and Cain.
With whom happiest and saddest? Both: All the main characters.
Choose the possessions and objects that the character admires and most likes to touch and handle: Mother's diary, mother's locket, wedding ring, photo album that contains pictures of childhood/adulthood and books that she enjoys reading.
Write a sentence that the character seems to say as she goes through life: "When will I never live a normal life?"
What is her price in life? Living and surviving in the world of espionage.
Could you buy her integrity? No.
Find one statement which defines the character's objective for the film: In the beginning her objective is driven by pure revenge and self-gratification however Amber soon learns she does what she does not because she has to but she wants to. That saving the world, protecting the innocent and standing up for justice is her calling in life. Her main objective, taking down The Network and Simon Bane, becomes so much bigger than Noah and even her.
Find three adjectives that other characters use in describing your main character: Fighter, Strong, and Determined.
What is character's social mask? She uses her status as a strong heroine as her mask when at times she's just as scared and nervous.
Is the person she tries to project different from what she is really like? No.
What embarrasses her? Being vulnerable.
What are her fears? Being powerless and vulnerable.
What is her Achilles heel or worst fault? Her stubbornness.
Who are her friends and enemies? Friends: Matthew McCloud, Naira Akinnuoye, Robert Connors, Lucas Cambridge, Cain. Enemies: Simon Bane, Sebastian McKenas, Bianca Nava.... more to come.
Is she living in the best century for her? Yes. The 21st century is the best time to be a strong and determined woman in pop culture, media and literature.
Who does she most remind you of in your life... a friend, public figure, another character in literature, an actor? Joan of Arc (fearless warrior) / Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" (quick-witted sense of humor and the longing of a life outside hers).
Would you like this character as a close friend... why or why not? Yes, Amber is as much as a fighter/hero as she is a loyal friend and alley.
What would she be like in a crucial death-facing situation or in a war? She'll fight to the death and make sure that nothing will stand in her way.


Real Name: Amber Quinnman
Alias/Call Sign: Nightingale
Ranking: Field Operative
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: London, England; Sanction 5 Headquarters
Relatives: Lucas Cambridge III - adoptive father, Riley Quinnman - father (deceased), Elizabeth Quinnman - mother (deceased), Noah Parrish - husband (deceased)
Age: Late 20s
Legal Status: Dual citizenship in the United States and United Kingdom with no criminal record
Marital Status: Widowed
Affiliation: Sanction Five, CIA (former)
Training/Skills: Professionally trained in hand-to-hand combat and in a wide range of martial arts. A practitioner in track and field, pilates and gymnastics.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Japanese, Russian, German, Arabic and Italian.
Experience: Recruited into the CIA in March of 2001 and became an active field agent a year after her recruitment. This is her fourth year as an intelligence agent.


The daughter of the renowned spies Riley and Elizabeth Quinnman, Amber spent most of her life surrounded by the dangerous and enigmatic world of espionage. As a result of this, she had to face a lot of difficult obstacles in her childhood including the death of her parents. In her senior year of college Amber was recruited by the CIA. Due to her notable lineage she was given the chance to be trained as a field agent by some of the best in the business and subsequently the rookie spy embarked on major assignments of her own.

As her stint in the CIA progressed, Amber met fellow agent Noah Parrish. The spy was swept off her feet and the two began dating which quickly lead to an eloped marriage. Everything seemed perfect however tragedy unraveled when Amber received word of her husband's death. She was told that Noah was killed in the line of duty while investigating the international criminal organization the Network.

After the loss of her husband, Amber resigned from the CIA and went into reclusion. Within months she received an unexpected visit from her adopted father, Lucas Cambridge. He offered her a promising position as one of his agents at Sanction Five, an elite black ops group governed by the MI6. He promised Amber a new lease on life and a chance to take down the same organization that murdered her husband. She accepted. Determined and shrewd, Quinnman is now an operative of Sanction Five and her main objective is to shutdown the Network while retaining somewhat of a normal life again.

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