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The Art of Friendships
by Angel (firebombagent)
at July 16th, 2006 (11:27 pm)
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Haven't updated this blog is a while...

Okay so I have two new character for my comic. While developing the story I noticed Amber Quinnman's life is filled with a bunch of espionage elements and no personal elements. Most fandoms includes a budding trio of friends. These friends/allies keep the protagonist's life well balanced without knowing his/her heroic double life (atleast for the first or second year). By giving Amber two civilian-esque friends I think it'll enable the readers to get inside her head more and develop her into a well rounded character besides we just love good supporting characters. Examples of successful trio friendships in fandoms include: Buffy/Willow/Xander (Buffyverse), Harry/Ron/Hermoine (HP Series)and Clark/Pete/Chloe (Smallville).

So Amber has friends. Although as the series progresses Amber's tactical intelligence colleagues will be counted as friends also, it's something different about having friends who aren't tainted by the protagonist's secret lifestyle. They give Amber the sense of normalcy that she craves for.

Full Name: Julianne “Julie” Mei Wong
Occupation: Art dealer
Place of Birth: South London, England
Known Relatives: None
Age: Late 20s
Hair: Black                   
Eyes: Brown
Ht: 5’5”                         
Wt: 110 lbs.
Legal Status: Citizenship in the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: Friend of Amber Quinnman
Education: Graduated from New York University. Has BA in Business.
Languages: English, Chinese
History: Close friend and roommate of Amber Quinnman, Julie first became acquainted with agent Quinnman during their algebra course at NYU. The two immediately hit it off once Julie discovered that the young woman was too a resident Londoner – although she found it amusingly odd that an American girl grew up in Great Britain. Julie moved back to England once she completed graduate school yet her friendship with Amber was kept intact. Now a successful art dealer, Julie extended her flat and heart to Amber when she came back home for abroad business and needed a place to stay.

Often worried about Amber’s demanding work schedule, Julie cares deeply about her friend’s well-being and suspects that she keeps herself busy to avoid mourning the death of Noah properly. Julie and her friend Harold are the only people in Amber’s close inner circle who are unaware of her top secret life as a spy – in fact they believe Amber works for an international law firm. 

Personality: Quirky, friendly, calm, passive and loyal friend
Likes: Sushi, anime, cooking, guys, laughter, serenity in her life, indie and modern art
Dislikes: Liars, the color pink, sobs, watching her friends getting hurt and people mistaking her for japanese.


Full Name: Harold “Harry” Benson
Occupation: Owner of All Sorta Tales Bookstore
Place of Birth: Gloucester, England
Known Relatives: None
Age: Early 30s
Hair: Reddish/Orange    
Eyes: Blue
Ht: 5’10”                            
Wt:  195 lbs.
Legal Status: Citizenship in the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: Friend of Amber Quinnman
Education: Graduated from Bristol University. Has BA in English Communications.
Languages: English
History: TBR

Character notes: Is Julie's best mate since high school. Befriends Amber when she moves back to England, unbeknownst to them, to join black ops MI6 agency. Owns a local indie bookstore but his true passion is reporting for a big city newspaper. Is a conspiracy theorist and runs his own popular online blog dedicated to his latest rants and theories. Serves as both comic relief and (later) an antagonist towards Amber's cover. After watching the film Shaun of the Dead  I decided to model Harry after British actor Simon Pegg.

Personality: Dorky, amusing, good-natured eccentric, sullen, trying to get his life in focus and believes there's always a conspiracy within a conspiracy.
Likes: Crossword puzzles, going to the pub, a good cup of java, belief in other life outside of earth, reading a good book, blogging and hanging out with his mates.
Dislikes: the government, war, things that are beyond his control and unfair trade in other countries.

More to Come!