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The Art of Friendships
by Angel (firebombagent)
at July 16th, 2006 (11:27 pm)
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Haven't updated this blog is a while...

Okay so I have two new character for my comic. While developing the story I noticed Amber Quinnman's life is filled with a bunch of espionage elements and no personal elements. Most fandoms includes a budding trio of friends. These friends/allies keep the protagonist's life well balanced without knowing his/her heroic double life (atleast for the first or second year). By giving Amber two civilian-esque friends I think it'll enable the readers to get inside her head more and develop her into a well rounded character besides we just love good supporting characters. Examples of successful trio friendships in fandoms include: Buffy/Willow/Xander (Buffyverse), Harry/Ron/Hermoine (HP Series)and Clark/Pete/Chloe (Smallville).

So Amber has friends. Although as the series progresses Amber's tactical intelligence colleagues will be counted as friends also, it's something different about having friends who aren't tainted by the protagonist's secret lifestyle. They give Amber the sense of normalcy that she craves for.

More to Come!

Extraordinary Girl: Overview of Amber Quinnman
by Angel (firebombagent)
at March 11th, 2006 (12:44 am)

Name of character: Amber Quinnman
Date born: 02-17-1980
Age at time of film: 26
Where: London, England (born), New York (raised). Side Note: When parents died she moved back to England however went back to the United States for college.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Health: Good
Color of eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brown
Looks: The girl next door
Defects: None
Scars: None
Neat: She's not a neat freak however she normally keeps a clean place.
Hygiene: Good
Heredity: She gets her looks from her mother. Many have stated that she resembles her mother, Elizabeth, a lot. Her father was a natural brunette and had blue eyes.
Class: Working
Present Occupations: Spy/Secret Agent/Intelligence Operative
Type and hours of work: Whenever and wherever the world is in danger but normally the morning/afternoon.
Former occupations: Use to be affiliated with the CIA. She's now an operative for the MI6 underground department Sanction Five. Before being recruited into the CIA she use to work at a university owned coffee shop.
What are parents like? From what Amber can remember her mother use to read her bedtime stories every night. Amber and her mother had a very close relationship. Elizabeth (her mother) was very protective of her daughter and tried to raise her in a normal life as possible. Riley (her father) would take her horseback riding and ice skating during the summer in England. When Lucas became her legal guardian he instilled the same protectiveness and taught Amber the tricks of the trade of the espionage world so she would be able to protect herself if anything would happen to him. Elizabeth, along with Lucas, was a very loving and genuine parent. Unlike Elizabeth, Lucas has kept a many of secrets from Amber in order to make her life less complicated. Riley spent time with Amber put only as a way to buy her love and affection. Riley was more dedicated to his true passion - espionage. He had little time to help raise or nurture a child.

Testing.... Testing....
by Angel (firebombagent)
at March 8th, 2006 (09:02 pm)

Angel Hardy's log for writings and AQ verse in effect. Updates coming soon.

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